Summer plans

Well, hello friends!

It's been a minute, hasn't it? The biggest thing I must mention to you is that WE'RE HEADLINING AT OFF BROADWAY! I'm super-excited! (Can you tell?) It'll be Monday, July 14 (Bastille Day!)--doors at 7:30, show at 8p. $7. Here's the EXTRA-SPECIAL thing about this show, though: we're playing a set with ONLY toy instruments. Steve got a Hello Kitty drum kit from Toys R Us for the show, for example. It's pretty bitchin'. We'll also have several guest musicians sitting in with us on various toy instruments, too! It's gonna be AWESOME, and we've got a few tricks up our sleeves that you don't want to miss. It's the ONLY TIME this will happen, so if you're in STL and can come, I highly recommend you do. Opening for us (with not-toy instrument sets) will be Traveling Sound Machine (my drummer Steve's new band--he plays guitar and sings with them, though. It's their first show ever! They're sounding awesome, too!) and Kid Scientist (also from STL; '90s-inspired piano rock. I saw them open for Ben Kweller not too long ago at Off Broadway in fact, and had to ask them to open for us. They rock so hard!). In short, it'll be worth all 700 of those pennies you'll be throwing down to come to the show.

What else is new? Oh, we have a new video for our newest song "Going Down." If you've seen us live recently, you've seen Steve play the bowed musical saw for this tune, which he also does in the video, which was shot at Melt. It also features both Jason and Morgan, our buds in Bruiser Queen, a STL-based garage rock duo. If you haven't heard them, definitely check out their stuff--it's a rockin' good time! The video was shot by local videographer Craig Deeken--thanks so much, Craig!

That's about all I got for now. Go watch the new video, and don't miss the show on July 14, STL folks. I'll see you there!

Kittens & unicorns,

Suzie Cue


Music Video Is Up! And More Stuff, Too!

It has been too long, my sweet Cuenicorns! Here's an update:

The video for our song "Who's Comin' With Me?!" is finally up on Youtube. It was filmed at one of my favorite spots in St. Louis, a shop called the STL Stylehouse on Cherokee Street. Go watch the video here.
Here are a couple still shots from the video:

What else: I'll be playing a solo gig this Saturday, February 22nd at Lemmons (STL), along with Jason Vargas Music Project. He's a great dude who's been around our music scene for a long time, so I'm excited to finally play a show with him! Cover's $5, usually they're 21+ there, and show's probably gonna start around 9 or 10. And as usual, I'll be at Venice Cafe on the first Thursday of the month for my ongoing "3 Bands For 3 Bucks" series--doors at 9, show at 9:30.

More fun stuff coming up soon, but hopefully that'll hold you over. Don't forget to check the Facebook page for the most up-to-date news, and subscribe to the email list, if you're into that sort of thing.

Kittens & Unicorns,

Suzie Cue


Birthday Show Announcement! End of 2013 list!

Season's Greetings, Sweet Cuenicorns!

First off, big news: THE BIRTHDAY SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT! If you follow me on FB, you've probably already heard the news: It will be Saturday, January 4 at 9 pm at the Venice Cafe (STL). Ages 21+, $5 cover. The Terrible 2s and I are opening the show, Ellen the Felon and Mattronome are playing a set after us, then BRUISER QUEEN is headlining! I just attended their "12 Bassists of Christmas" show recently--definitely one of the best shows I attended this year.

Speaking of this year, I promised y'all a list of artists to check out. Here goes!

Middle Class Fashion: They're a sort of indie-pop 4-piece, led by Jenn Malzone on piano and vocals. Not only a great a musician, I just love her lyrics (I'm a lyrics person, for sure). Brian McClelland is easily one of my favorite bassists, and he's got a hell of a voice too. They get compared to Ben Folds (Five) quite a bit. They put out a great album this year, Jungle. Go buy the crap out of it--you won't regret it.

Ellen the Felon and Mattronome: While we're on the subject of catchy, piano-driven tunes, do check this duo out (obviously you can do that at my birthday show--hint, wink). Apparently it's called Cabaret Pop, this type of music. I just call it really effing good. They too released an album this year, Bang Bang Bang. After weeks of listening to the new MCF album, Ellen's album was the reason MCF finally escaped the clutches of my car's CD player. True story.

Tonya Gilmore: ...then Tonya Gilmore released Phantoms Fill the Sky, and Ellen's CD also finally escaped my car stereo after several weeks of solid listening. She technically is a former St. Louisan, now residing way over in Oregon for the last few years, and she just keeps impressing me more and more with each album. She plays both guitar and piano, sings, and has a full band on this album. It's beautiful and dark and expansive. This lady's a 21st century murder balladeer, and damn, is she good at it.

Sleepy Kitty: With a definite '90s-influenced guitar sound, this duo will rock your face off. But then Paige Brubeck (singer/guitarist/loop pedal pro) sings, and it is the absolute opposite of grungy. The clarity of her vocals and the precision of her harmony loops are just insane. They have an album coming out in January, and they put out a few singles in anticipation of the album. There's not a bad song of theirs, so whatever you go out and find of theirs will be solid.

Pretty Little Empire: They're pretty much straight indie rock, which I know is such an overused label for music these days, but they execute it in a way that is anything but overdone. Lead singer Justin Johnson's voice is emotive without compromising tonal quality. These guys are just great songwriters, too. They put out an album this year too--it's self-titled, though it's their third album. I'm listening to it as I type this post, actually. Needless to say, it comes with a high recommendation.

Bruiser Queen: Perhaps you saw this one coming. Seriously, these 2 are a blast to see live. Even in their recordings, there's a palpable energy (which is hard to capture for some folks in the often-sterile environments of recording studios). Also a rockin' and rollin' duo, but singer/guitarist Morgan Nusbaum's vocals are huge and fierce. Bonus: occasional, awesomely sarcastic facial expressions at live shows. Damn, are they a fun live show. ::coughcoughBIRTHDAYSHOWcoughcough::

Well, folkies: I hope I gave you something worth your time in link-clicking and Google-searching. Have a great rest of 2013, and I'll catch y'all next year.

Kittens & Unicorns,

Suzie Cue


In Time For the Holidays: A New Live Album!

Well, hello there, my darling Cuenicorns! I hope this holiday season is going well for you folkies. Here's what's up on the Suzie Cue front:

-The aforementioned video is being put together right meow. More soon!

-I have a NEW LIVE ALBUM, recorded at The Gramophone in St. Louis (my hometown) on July 31st of this year. It is only available on my Bandcamp page, where you can stream it for free or download it for $3. It is a solo show, which I don't do a lot of these days. Most of these songs I've been playing out for a while now, and most will be on my next studio album, Mean Girl Blues, slated for release in 2014 (though there will be guest musicians and full instrumentation on MGB, so the live album is a fun teaser). There's also one of my newer tunes, on which I play toy piano instead of guitar, at the end. Here's the track list:

1. Fuckin' Song (Did You?)
2. Common Sense Over Sushi!
3. Don't Mean Anything
4. Karma Is A Bitch (And So Am I)
5. 3 Realisations
6. Type-Write To Me

Don't forget that you can also get all kinds of other aural goodies on my Bandcamp page--a few singles for a buck each, as well as my first album either digitally OR on CD. There's also an option to gift anything on Bandcamp to others, so feel free to spread the Cue news in this season of giving. Everyone loves music.

Speaking of giving the gift of music, I'm going to post a list of STL musicians that I think y'all should check out if you haven't yet. Since this is the internet and all, you could be anywhere. If you're in STL, you're likely to have heard of these folks. If you're not, I hope you find something new that you like--they're good folks who are doing some really great things artistically around our community. BUT I'm not posting it yet. It'll be the next post, so stay tuned! Also, I'll include the official announcement for my BIRTHDAY SHOW, which is in early January.

Kittens & Unicorns,

Suzie Cue


A short update

Hello, precious Cuenicorns!

I'll try to keep it brief, since I gave you SO much great news in the update earlier this month.

First off, we're shooting a video this Saturday (Nov. 23)! Suzie Cue and The Terrible 2s are pleased to have Allan Crain (a phenomenal STL photographer) shooting a live video of us playing "Who's Coming With Me?!" at one of my favorite spots on Cherokee Street: the STL Stylehouse. They design and screen-print their own STL-centric designs onto shirts (available in your choice of size and color), tote bags, you name it really. They also make some sweet "City of St. Louis" apparel in that fabulous and familiar orange color that some of our local government's vehicles sport. Here's an example (of their stuff, not the vehicles):

I actually own that bag, and it fucking rules. Anyway, they're great folks who do some really cool work, and I'm very appreciative of them letting us take over their space for a few hours. Obviously I'll post a link for y'all when it's ready. And if you're in STL, feel free to come by STL Style between 2-5 pm this Saturday and say hi, check out their stuff, and hey--maybe you'll even end up in the video. Who knows?

Second thing, buttons are here! Right here, in fact:

You can pick up your very own Suzie Cue button for the low price of $1 each. And I'm throwing in 1 sticker (your choice of either black/turquoise or red/yellow) for free with it too, but you'll have to come to a show to get 'em.

Speaking of shows, I'm very excited about the upcoming "3 Bands For 3 Bucks" monthly gig at Venice Cafe on December 5th. More details can be found here, but in short, it'll be me with the Terrible 2s along with Bryan Ranney of Following the Water and Curtis Brewer of Kentucky Knife Fight. They're both very talented dudes, so please come out if you're in STL. Doors are at 9 pm; the fun gets going around 9:30.

Mean Girl Blues (the new album) is coming along nicely--slowly but surely! It's expected out in 2014 sometime--as always, more updates to come.

And speaking of albums, my debut album from 2012, 11 Years of Lo-Fi, is now (finally!) available at Euclid Records in Webster Groves, MO! I finally got to see their new digs (they moved earlier this year) today, and MAN--is that a sweet spot or what?!

That's all I got this week. Stay tuned, and do yourself a favor--subscribe to the email list, so you can know about all this fun shit before everyone else. There should be a spot to do that on the left of your screen somewhere. Try scrolling?

Be well, and don't be strangers!

Kittens & Unicorns,

Suzie Cue


Wait, seriously?

The date is what? You're kidding me. Well, shit. Greetings, sweet Cuenicorns--it has been a minute. But I have lots of great news to share, so let's get to it.

First off: I HAVE A WEBSITE. You're actually on it now, but instead of using that obnoxious blogger address, go ahead and bookmark yourself http://www.suziecuemusic.com . And if you haven't yet, sign up for the email list. I promise they're about as frequent as the blog posts, but half as long. Definitely just as silly.

The 2nd album, Mean Girl Blues, is coming along really well. I'm very happy with the progress we've made, and I can't wait to let y'all hear it. I mean, I have to wait, because it's not done. Ugh, colloquialisms. And obnoxious words?! I kid! The album is 14 original songs, including 2 old scratch recordings that are instrumental (guitar only) and available for free download here. Here's the full (tentative) track list for MGB:

1. Who's Comin' With Me?!
2. Did You? (The Fuckin' Song)
3. 3 Realisations
4. Cigarette Smoke In A Dark Room (instrumental)
5. Don't Mean Anything
6. Fight. Fight! FIGHT!
7. Asshole Song
8. Walk Away From You
9. Dear Winter
10. Common Sense Over Sushi!
11. Karma Is A Bitch (And So Am I)
12. Shits & Giggles (instrumental)
13. Kitty City
14. In My Dreams

In other excellent, album-related news, St. Louis artist Craig Downs is doing the artwork for the front and back covers. If you're not familiar with Craig's work, you should definitely look him up. He works in acrylic paints, and his work is bright and whimsical-looking. He's one of my favorites. I just got the pictures of the final paintings this past week, and I'd love to give you folks a sneak peek:
That's the front. That's me in the striped socks! And here's the back:

Obviously this is before any text has been added.

Oh, and I finally finished my new merch case:
Doesn't it make you want to buy stuff? I certainly hope so.

Speaking of stuff to buy, I ordered buttons last weekend. Here's another sneak peek (that's 3 in one post! Geez, I must really like you guys):
...except, you know. Round. And stabby on the back. Like buttons do.

What else? Oh, if you're in STL, the monthly gig at Venice Cafe is still going strong. Every first Thursday, it's me and 2 other local bands--3 bands for 3 bucks. I just got back from the November one actually, and The Terrible 2s and I had a blast with The Hobosexuals and Acorns To Oaks tonight. We debuted 2 new songs tonight at the show: one was Walk Away From You, which is on the album, if you didn't catch that. The other one is REALLY new, and Steve (drums) plays the musical saw while Dave (bassist) does some light drumming. It's called Going Down. The Terrible 2s killed it tonight on their instrumental switcheroo. My spell-check fucking hates me right now, you guys.

The December Venice Cafe show will be a great one as well: T2 and myself are playing with 2 great solo acts who you may know from other also-great bands. Bryan Ranney has been in Following the Water, Elemental Shakedown, ARR! and Mars Rover, but we get him all to ourselves for the evening. Or maybe he'll have a guest? Only one way to find out (come to the show). And we've got Curtis Brewer, who's known for his guitarin' in Kentucky Knife Fight and Yankee Racers. Thursday, December 5. 9 pm!

I feel like I've probably overwhelmed you with plenty of information for one day. I promise to write to you more, friends and random internet stalkers.

Kittens and unicorns,

Suzie Cue


Come September

"Autumn's ashes, summers embers on the sidewalk come September and suddenly I can't remember any lessons learned." -Anais Mitchell & Rachel Ries, "Come September"

Howdy, dearest Cuenicorns--I hope you haven't melted yet. We just barreled through 3 shows in 8 days--gotta keep those Terrible 2s of mine on their toes! Thanks STL, for coming out and seeing us do our thing. We had a great time and got to play with some folks we'd never played with: a pop-punk band from STL named Home & Away, a rockabilly group out of KC called The Electric Lungs who TOTALLY rock, and a newer group from around STL called Joeboy & Djibouti (their frontman was the male half of the Spot Ons).

The third show of the run was especially great for 2 reasons: we got to play with Irene Allen (holy shit you guys--that voice), and we got to raise money for a recently established non-profit in our city called Cowboy Angel Network. It was set up in memory of the late, great Bob Reuter, who can only be under-described as a great musician, photographer, radio DJ, vinyl collector and storyteller. I had the good fortune to be asked by Bob to play a Bob's Scratchy Showcase at Pop's Blue Moon a couple years back. There's an official memorial and showcase to his many forms of work coming up in the beginning of September, so if you're in or around St. Louis, I highly recommend checking it out. And regardless of where you are, if you've never heard Bob Reuter's Alley Ghost, treat yourself to a little rock'n'roll.

Speaking of cool shit going on around STL, we're back at Venice Cafe in September on the 12th. Usually we're there the first Thursday, but it just so happens to be Venice's 25th anniversary the first week of September, so stop on by there and drink to 25 years--you know they've got all kinds of cool things and fun bands planned for the week too. And then join us on the 12th along with the Psychedelic Psychonauts and Bumblebee Bob Kamoske. $3 cover, ages 21+, starts around 9 pm.

Still truckin' on recording--Mean Girl Blues is shaping up quite nicely. It just keeps growing too! The guest list is at 10 different musicians, including of course the Terrible 2s Dave & Steve. More to come!

Stay cool, Cuenicorns.

-Suzie Cue