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Hello, my dearest Cuenicorns (that's my name for y'all now). It's spring now, right? Close enough!

It seems like every year around this time, I ended up crappin' out a couple o' new songs - hatching them might be a better metaphor? It's pretty gross, either way. Let's digress from this Circle of Life shit, shall we?

NEW SONGS is really what I'm getting at. If you came to the show at Plush this past Saturday, you saw two new tunes. And there's an even newer song that isn't recorded or ready for a live audience yet, which you've heard veiled references to if you follow me on Facebook. I'd like to introduce you to all 3 of these new tunes. My favorite part about all 3 of these songs is that there's NO GUITAR on any of them. WHOA. Different and stuff.

The first is called "3 Realisations" and I've played it about 3 times live now. It involves a telephone receiver converted into a microphone and a loop pedal. The song is actually about 5 years old, and you can listen to the old recording of it (without all those cool aforementioned things) here.

The next, which I debuted at the Plush show, is (tentatively) called "Type Write To Me." I sing and play my toy piano (named Ramyaj and hand-painted by me a few years ago) that I've owned since early childhood. It's nice to be able to bring the little guy onstage finally - though I've been playing it on a few Drown Fish songs for quite some time now. Anyway, it's a whimsical little waltzy number; I dig it.

And the last one, unheard but spoken of on the Internets, is titled "The Fresh Step." It is one of my Kickstarter reward songs. Those that have frequented my open mics are familiar with the ridiculous beats built in to my keyboard - it uses the most ridiculous one I could find. I also use my "cat keyboard" - a children's toy keyboard that looks and does exactly how/what you think it looks/does. Oh, did I mention it's a RAP SONG? Yeah, it's pretty awful/awesome. I can't wait to make a video!

I'll be playing the first two of these 3 songs at the show at Venice Cafe this Thursday (9 pm; $3) at my monthly mash-up show. I'll be playing first, then Lawrence & The Lion, then Old Capital Square Dance Club. Come and say hi if you're in STL.

The next show will be at Nico in the Delmar Loop on Wednesday, April 24. There's no cover for that one, and Guitardog (a super-group of talented STL area dudes) hosts and will also perform.

Stay in touch, check out the other pages on the site, and come to a show!

Kittens & unicorns,

Suzie Cue

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