February 2013: Prepare!

Howdy, friends!

Welp, happy February (already?!) I know it's technically the dead of winter, but you'd never know it here in STL--weirdly warm weather, great shows all over town. Feels like Spring is almost here!
In preparation for the changing of the seasons, some fun stuff is on the horizon.
Most obviously, some upcoming shows: Tonight (Feb 7) I'll playing a solo set at Venice Cafe (1903 Pestalozzi). Mt. Thelonious (are amaze-balls) will play a set too, as will The Last Night (practically a STL supergroup!). It's a $3 cover, show starts at 9pm. Venice's bar is cash only, but there IS an ATM in the basement.
If you didn't know, I play in a really fun band called Drown Fish as well. We'll be rockin' out in the heart of the Mardi Gras madness this Saturday in Soulard (DYK: STL has the 2nd biggest Mardi Gras in the country, after NOLA? Now you know!). It's free, so if you're drunk and in the 'hood, wander down 11th Street off of Russell. Look for the crazy sculptures in the yard. ESPECIALLY if you're a Tom Waits fan--you will LOVE Drown Fish. I drum, sing back-up, and play my lovely little toy piano.
Other upcoming events: Saturday, Feb 23 I'll be hosting my bi-monthly open mic night at Livery Company (3211 Cherokee St), 9pm-1am. No cover EVER at Livery, so check the place out if you haven't yet. They've had some REALLY EXCELLENT shows coming through there.
I also co-host another open mic, which is monthly or less, and raises money for different STL-based non-profits each event. It's called Mic the People For the People (MTPFTP) and was started by my lovely co-host Langen Neubacher. Our next event is Tuesday, Feb 26 at The Shanti, 9pm-1am. $3 suggested donation, and all proceeds go to Self-Sufficient STL, which works on sustainable farming, urban and sustainable gardening, and most prevalently, runs the Dave Hagerty Community Garden out side of Off Broadway music venue. Dave was a dear friend to us both (fun fact: that's why I have my dino tattoo!), and so we'd love to help make the garden an even better testament to a beautiful and very much missed friend and musician.
The Terrible 2s will be coming back to haunt y'all sometime soon too. Our wonderful bassist, Dave, has been a-travelin' and playing quite a bit with his other group, Strawfoot/Beggar's Carnivale. We're glad he's finally back!
Hope to see y'all out and about soon. STL has a beautiful community of musicians. But don't let me tell you; find out for yourself. Come out to shows. Tell the bands if you like them (they're all very nice people, I promise!). Buy a CD or a T-shirt. Just show some love for the arts in this city--there's no reason we can't all live in a place that's known for its amazing artists. And that task starts with each and every one of us.
So we'll see ya soon then, right?

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