Holy June, Batman.

June: Seriously?! Already! Damn, y'all - the time's just flyin' by.

I have a few shows worth catching if you're in or around STL in the month of June. They are:

-Thursday, June 6 at Venice Cafe. The Terrible 2s will be backing me up, and Ellen the Felon and Les Gruff & The Billy Goat will play too. $3, 9 pm. Ages 21+.

-Saturday, June 15 at Mangia Italiano. T2 will be backing me up, and Miss Molly Simms is playing too. No cover, 11 pm. Ages 21+.

-Wednesday, June 19 at Pops Blue Moon. I'll be solo, and Brown Bottle Fever and Drown Fish (the other band I'm in) will also play. $3, 9 pm. Ages 21+.

Saturday, June 22 at Heavy Anchor for the Movers & Shakers Dance Party. T2 will be backing me up, and Letter to Memphis and Mikey Wehling & The Reverbs will play too. $5, 9 pm. Ages 21+.

Work on the next album is going well - all of my guitar, vocal, and piano parts (yes, PIANO! Not even a toy one!) are all tracked, and we're preparing for the drums and bass to get recorded next. My friend Bryan Ranney of Following the Water even laid down some sweet mandolin sounds on "Common Sense Over Sushi!", and there's definitely more guest surprises to come. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, come to a show if you're nearby, buy a download or even order a real copy of my first CD on Bandcamp. Most importantly, go find some new music. Support local and independent bands. If you want some suggestions, here's some of what I've been rockin' out to lately:
-Boreal Hills
-Middle Class Fashion
-Bruiser Queen

Go stimulate their economies and shit. That wasn't supposed to be a euphemism, but it sure did sound like one, didn't it?

Kittens & Unicorns,

Suzie Cue

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