New Music and A Call For Help!

Greetings, sweet Cuenicorns:

More work on the next album "Mean Girl Blues" continues. In fact, I had the first rehearsal with the cellist this evening, which went SO well. There are 15 tracks total on the album. In fact, I just posted the 2 instrumental tracks on the album for free download on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Enjoy them! But more importantly, THEY NEED TITLES.

This is where I need your help. Suggestions are being taken. And I think I just decided that the person(s) whose suggestions are picked gets a free copy of the first album and a few stickers mailed to them. Yes, I'm bribing you. Your title suggestions can be sent via private message on the Suzie Cue Facebook page OR emailed to me (Suzie) directly.

Enough about me though for a minute. While I'm excited about the aforementioned little contest/free download, that's not the call for help I was referring to in the title of this post. (disclaimer: I don't get serious very often, so my apologies for the rare serious, sad moment we're about to have.) A couple of friends of ours (Suzie and the T2 fellas) have recently experienced the loss of their newborn to a genetic disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta. They are accepting donations to help cover living expenses and the like. More information and a donation link here--please help if you can. They are a wonderful couple, both of whom contribute greatly to our amazing community of artists and musicians here in south STL city. They are truly in our thoughts and we wish them strength through what is surely an immensely difficult  time.

Okay, back to casual silliness and fun times, right? Cool; thanks for obliging me there. Some fun shows coming up:

- Wed. June 19 (yes, TODAY!) at Pops Blue Moon (STL). More details here or in the previous blog post.
-Sat. June 22 at Heavy Anchor (STL). More details here or in the previous blog post.
-Fri. July 5 at MoKaBe's Coffeehouse (STL). Free, all ages. 9-11p. I'll be playing solo, but am leaving an open invitation for musicians to come sit in with me on this one.
-Thurs. July 11 at Venice Cafe (STL). Solo w/ Jordyn Crawford. Doors at 9, show at 9:30 pm. $3 cover, ages 21+. We'll probably each play 2 sets, so music'll be going the whole evening--stop on by!

One last thing to leave you with: I uploaded the cat rap I wrote, Fresh Step, to Bandcamp as well. You can listen for free or download it for a buck. Enjoy the utter silliness!

Kittens & unicorns, my friends.

-Suzie Cue

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