Wait, seriously?

The date is what? You're kidding me. Well, shit. Greetings, sweet Cuenicorns--it has been a minute. But I have lots of great news to share, so let's get to it.

First off: I HAVE A WEBSITE. You're actually on it now, but instead of using that obnoxious blogger address, go ahead and bookmark yourself http://www.suziecuemusic.com . And if you haven't yet, sign up for the email list. I promise they're about as frequent as the blog posts, but half as long. Definitely just as silly.

The 2nd album, Mean Girl Blues, is coming along really well. I'm very happy with the progress we've made, and I can't wait to let y'all hear it. I mean, I have to wait, because it's not done. Ugh, colloquialisms. And obnoxious words?! I kid! The album is 14 original songs, including 2 old scratch recordings that are instrumental (guitar only) and available for free download here. Here's the full (tentative) track list for MGB:

1. Who's Comin' With Me?!
2. Did You? (The Fuckin' Song)
3. 3 Realisations
4. Cigarette Smoke In A Dark Room (instrumental)
5. Don't Mean Anything
6. Fight. Fight! FIGHT!
7. Asshole Song
8. Walk Away From You
9. Dear Winter
10. Common Sense Over Sushi!
11. Karma Is A Bitch (And So Am I)
12. Shits & Giggles (instrumental)
13. Kitty City
14. In My Dreams

In other excellent, album-related news, St. Louis artist Craig Downs is doing the artwork for the front and back covers. If you're not familiar with Craig's work, you should definitely look him up. He works in acrylic paints, and his work is bright and whimsical-looking. He's one of my favorites. I just got the pictures of the final paintings this past week, and I'd love to give you folks a sneak peek:
That's the front. That's me in the striped socks! And here's the back:

Obviously this is before any text has been added.

Oh, and I finally finished my new merch case:
Doesn't it make you want to buy stuff? I certainly hope so.

Speaking of stuff to buy, I ordered buttons last weekend. Here's another sneak peek (that's 3 in one post! Geez, I must really like you guys):
...except, you know. Round. And stabby on the back. Like buttons do.

What else? Oh, if you're in STL, the monthly gig at Venice Cafe is still going strong. Every first Thursday, it's me and 2 other local bands--3 bands for 3 bucks. I just got back from the November one actually, and The Terrible 2s and I had a blast with The Hobosexuals and Acorns To Oaks tonight. We debuted 2 new songs tonight at the show: one was Walk Away From You, which is on the album, if you didn't catch that. The other one is REALLY new, and Steve (drums) plays the musical saw while Dave (bassist) does some light drumming. It's called Going Down. The Terrible 2s killed it tonight on their instrumental switcheroo. My spell-check fucking hates me right now, you guys.

The December Venice Cafe show will be a great one as well: T2 and myself are playing with 2 great solo acts who you may know from other also-great bands. Bryan Ranney has been in Following the Water, Elemental Shakedown, ARR! and Mars Rover, but we get him all to ourselves for the evening. Or maybe he'll have a guest? Only one way to find out (come to the show). And we've got Curtis Brewer, who's known for his guitarin' in Kentucky Knife Fight and Yankee Racers. Thursday, December 5. 9 pm!

I feel like I've probably overwhelmed you with plenty of information for one day. I promise to write to you more, friends and random internet stalkers.

Kittens and unicorns,

Suzie Cue

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